Dare to dress the way you want

Your style personality is expressed through the way you dress. The truth however, is that many people don’t dare to dress the way they want because they fear being judged. What is it that we are actually afraid of? Something like that should not affect the way you dress and it should not keep you from what you want to be. The reason for us shying away from what we want should not be fear! 

The first step on the course of daring to dress the way you want is to realize the position you are in. Are you really dressing for yourself? If the answer is no, then that is something you might want to change. There are some warning signs you are dressing for somebody else; if you, when picking out what to wear, have in mind ‘what do they want me to wear?’ instead of ‘what do I want to wear?’. The dilemma is not which clothes you are putting on, it is who you are putting it on for.

The way you dress has a huge impact on the way you feel and carry yourself. The right clothes will make you more comfortable. When you feel comfortable and confident you feel happy in general. No clothes look good on you if you don’t wear them with confidence. If you stand there tugging on your skirt or adjusting your blouse that is the only thing people will see. Wearing your clothes with confidence on the other hand makes you seem more secure, sure of yourself and that is what people actually look at. If you think dressing the way you want will put a target on your back, think again. You can easily shake this target of and if you stand tall nobody will even think if pinning that target back up.

Travel back in your mind to when you felt really good in something you wore. It might have been last week, or it might have been three years ago… but at some point you have felt really good about something you wore! I used to wear skinny jeans all the time even though they did not always fit me well and sitting down in them was not always pleasant, but I did not dare to wear anything else because I did not want to change anyone’s opinion about me and everyone wore skinny jeans so I did not dare to be different. This thought hadn’t crossed my mind though, until I tried a pair of other pants on. They were not skinny jeans, they were nothing like the pants I had on walking into the store, but they were comfortable and I felt confident in them so they were my pants walking out of the store.  

Hopefully someone will say that you look good. Maybe they won’t and then you know you look good anyway. Sure it is nice to hear, but compliments should be an afterthought. What you wear is about YOU. What others think is far less important than how you feel. Use that as a guide when you are picking your clothes, and if you don’t have the right ones in your closet, use your newfound knowledge to help you find what you need.

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  1. Confidence is truly something a person should always carry with them to look good, a very positive post, great writing!


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