Five finger death punch and In Flames concert pt.1

Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames Concert

Of Mice and Men


Part One:


I went to the concert by Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames with Of Mice And Men as their opening band at Scandinavium Gothenburg. When we got there There was music playing in the speakers, as they are

All photos are courtesy of Max Christenson

a started filling with people. It wasn’t very crowded during the opening band which made it fairly easy to get to the front row.


I hadn’t listened to Of Mice And Men before the concert so I couldn’t tell if their performance was good or not. In my opinion Of Mice And Men probably had the best performance regarding the technical aspect of it all. Since the other two bands seemed to have some technical difficulties.

After the opening band had gone off stage, there was about a 20-30 minute break before Five Finger Death Punch was on. Five Finger Death Punch was, in my opinion, the best part of the concert. The sound of their music was overall really good, although there was a moment when the lead singer’s microphone seemed to get turned off and then turned back on again.

This band had a lot of contact with the audience, they spoke to us in between every song and at one point they even brought up a girl and a boy to stage to give them a break from the crowd and let them watch from there. Five Finger Death Punch is a band that really cares about their audience. they even give out a baseball bat at the end of all their concerts, which in this case got stolen from the one who had got it.

All photos are courtesy of Max Christenson

In Flames had LED-screens as a backdrop throughout their whole concert. The theme of the pictures that the screens showed where really good, they matched nicely to the lyrics from the songs. In Flames had a short light show, which for me was not the best, due to my height I got the spotlights in my eyes a lot. I know taller people had a better experience than I did with both the screen show and the light show since they could actually see the pictures of the screens and did not really get the spotlights and lasers in their eyes as much.


In Flames is band that likes to focus a lot on their instrumental parts, they did this by raising the volume of the instrument and slightly lowering the microphone, however, this in combination with the technical issues of the mic resulted in the fact that you could barely hear the lead singers voice, let alone the lyrics.

The lead singer, Anders Fridén, seemed to have some issues with his vocal cords, he could not quite keep his voice throughout the concert and almost completely lost it towards the end. All of these sound issues resulted in sort of an anticlimax, especially in the end when you want kind of a build up and bands often play an extra song before they leave, but in this case, In Flames finished their songs and then left.


Ylva Christiansen


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