Football world cup qualifiers

As the world cup qualifying matches are over, people have started wondering which countries will be put in each group.

64 countries have finally qualified for the world cup that will be hosted in Russia, one of these being Sweden. Each group contain 4 countries that have qualified for the world cup of 2018. The groups show what matches will be played in order for countries to qualify. These are the groups from A-H:

The first match will be played between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Sweden will play in the 12 match against South Korea in Nizhny Novgorod on the 18th of June 15:00 MSK.

Some of the most notable countries not to qualify for the 2018 world cup are USA and Italy.

Italy lost against Sweden in a score of 0-1 despite Sweden having only having possession of the ball for 25%. Timo Kettunen scored the goal for Sweden. Many Italian fans were disappointed with the results as it would be the the first time Italy would not be qualified for the since 1958.

USA still had a chance to make it to the world cup despite their loss to Trinidad & Tobago. But when Panama played against Costa Rica and managed to score a goal despite the ball not crossing the line, USA lost their chance to qualify to the 2018 world cup., which is also the organization responsible for organizing the world cup has ranked Sweden as 18th best in the world. With Sweden already appearing 11 times in the past for the world cup, they are expected to perform well this time. The coach for Sweden’s national team, Janne Andersson has himself said that this may be the largest presentation the national team will ever do, as they qualified against the biggest odds 1.

It is currently looking good for the future of the Swedish national team, as they are constantly progressing forward and are preparing for the world cup.



Alex Medin


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