Hypnosis is always an option

Hi, so the other day i was walking past a window and as i was walking past something caught my eye so i turned my head. and the sight i witnessed was horrifying. what i saw was a old hairy naked man and not only was he naked, he was cooking food as his eyes met mine i looked down and saw his butt and it was so pale and hairy. so my question is how do i erase the image from my mind, and how do i get him to a tanning salon?

// freaked out window person

Hi freaked out window person. This sounds disgusting and I’m genuinely worried about your future mental health. I would recommend hypnosis for your first problem. Just take into account that hypnosis works differently for different people and it might not work for you. Your second problem might be trickier to solve but you can always kidnap the old man and force him into a tanning bed.

Good luck!

//Helpful Hannah


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