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Dear reader
Greetings. I assume you might be ever so slightly curious about what you have stumbled into, espescially with the title being as vague as it is. In short, a big part of it is the history of the school and the building built before it, but do not click away just yet! Or, as a matter in fact, do click away. If you wish to find whatever facts might be, about every brick of the building or each roof tile that lays upon IHGR, please do find them out, be an inquirer, yet a fair warning to limit any possible disappointment; you won’t find it here. I will not lie, we, the authors, have not spent hours scouring the internet for such things, we have not turned over every rock looking for records of some Steve or Bob having sniffed the exact spot of a painted duck sculpture 162 years and five months ago. So, if you feel targeted, if you have clicked this, quite frankly, mysterious title and gotten yourself riled up in hope of juicy historic facts or historically intellectual things to regurgitate in attempt to impress, feel free to click away, or even leave this website, before any further disappointment, because you won’t find it here.

However, what you will find is a carefully put together collection; a collection of facts about things quite fleeting, time-limited awfully peculiar. Considering the rare case of a history enthusiast that might have stayed even throughout my persistent warnings, I am talking to you especially now, turn back, I speak for the people behind this article, we do not wish to inflict any disappointment or hope necessary. For what these peculiar things are cannot be easily said to be as interesting as books, or with as diverse use as phones. For what these peculiar beings are is quite surprising, even so that one should be considered braced ahead of time in preparation of the reveal. Ready? Let me spell it out for you, H-U-M-A-N-S. I can’t possibly imagine the terror you must be feeling, your heart pounding, breathing accelerating to an uncomfortably fast pace, eyes wide open in sheer surprise. Humans. However, I cannot stop just yet, as there is one more thing, one thing even more horrid, some things that the humans always seem to have, and those are… Opinions. As I have grown too courageous to relate, I can only try to imagine the cold shivers you must feel down your spine. But, you have done it, allow yourself to be proud, because now you know the answer to the mysterious title. There are places where humans are cultivated, where they are taught to wield their opinions in various different ways, by reasoning, protecting with facts or even just using persuasion through skill. IHGR is one of those forementioned. Despite the horridness of humans, or “students”, as they are called in these places of cultivation, we, the authors, bravely researched why such a place was started in the first place, along with what plans exist for the future, opinions of “students” that have been set free into the real world and more.
-Johan, the dude, the nerd, the miscellaneous, Andersson


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-Social sciencers, Tora and Julia


The Future of IHGR
To begin with, in order to thoroughly comprehend what this school truly means, not only academically but to the people, let us regard a few of many wholehearted, summarised impressions of IHGR, from none other than former students themselves.
“A little piece of heaven, and it took me two hours from door to door every morning. The time I spent there made me feel like I was at home, but in a school to work hard.” expresses Erik Hillgård on IHGR’s official Facebook page, on the 3rd of October, 2015.
There are also the sincerely worded feelings of Carlotta Schwertel, on the 6th of June, 2015, also on the official IHGR Facebook page: “It was the best school I have ever attended so far. I just loved my experience with classmates, teachers and other people in the staff!”.
With no second needed for hesitation, the sincerity of the students’ feelings regarding the school gives the founders and heads of the school endless reasoning to feel pride in its achievements.
However; pride can easily blind one from looking ahead, and instead, simply apply oneself to the past entirely. Though luckily, and not surprisingly, this type of situation has not clustered onto our school, with the teachers’ incessant willpower to always do better. Magnus Hall, the development manager, he who is the core for keeping every branch of the school connected, makes himself clear on this very topic when asked if there are any improvements planned for the school; “I think constantly, and I think it’s important to know that everyone is working together, students and staff, coming up with ideas, and how we can make it even better.”
Presumably, there is no one believing that these words of volume are in need of debate. For, pride of the past, and pride in the present, should never let one falter by disregarding what has to be done in order to obtain that same pride in the future. And, seemingly, the heads of the school are tending to this with both tenacious responsibility, and, most importantly; hope.
In the same interview with Magnus Hall, as previously mentioned, the value that is laid onto cooperation between the heads of the school, the students and staff, was repeatedly touched upon. When asked about what major aspect of the school that could be different in the future, as an individual wish, he explained as such; “More focus on students. You are all important, because you’re good, and you’re wise, really. Support for students, and support for staff. That’s how we will be able to turn this into the school we want to have.”. Simply put words, albeit immensely reassuring. For us students to be fully aware of the fact that our voices are being allowed to be loudly spoken and clearly heard, that our wisdom is being earnestly acknowledged, is exactly what will flourish the essence for both the trust, and motivation, that is needed for the future development of the school. For, if ideas of the future are given forth by the youth, that generation will have contributed to the unfolding of the future that they visualise. Because, why should an aspiration be hindered from becoming reality if all resources are available?
Notwithstanding, what cannot be forgotten, is that our longed-for, well.awaiting future, does lie ahead of us. Hence, we must not put our entirety into presumptions of what there is to come. For, even if we assemble all past achievements into presumptions in regards of the future, everything that may or may not occur, will never be a certainty. The pathway of an evolving organisation has no pattern laid before it that can be followed; the process is never linear. There is bound to be hardship, and there is bound to be forsaken ideas. But we stood purposefully together in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future. Because Once, means Always.

-By Louise Werm and Eva Jam



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