About Us

“Stories matter. Many stories matter.” The Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie conveyed this during a Ted Talk in 2009, and  it is highly valued by us at IHGR. You will discover this once you start exploring our digital magazine. It is really important for us to show people that there is more than just one “story” or version of the world. We are here to inform. We are here to inform you about everything from global news to the best study techniques and everything in between. We are Information Nation.

Who we are (Our Contribution)
We are two classes (the Social Science class and the Pre-IB class) from IHGR, in Gothenburg, working together on this exciting project. It has made it possible for us to make new friends, and let the bond between our classes grow stronger. Working on this magazine has been something that everyone has enjoyed, and it has therefore been easier for us to learn different kinds of skills, such as research skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, identifying the audience and writing from different perspectives. We have also developed our creative and computing skills when working with the actual layout and format of our webpage.

IHGR is an international school which means that we have students from all over the world studying here. Everyone has contributed with their knowledge, thoughts and experiences which makes our web magazine unique. Everyone has been engaged in the process and we have all been supporting each other by having editors who have been keeping each department on track with internal deadlines and been supportive of the research part. We have also had members in each department who have been proofreaders and checked that the language and spelling have been in order before publication. Teamwork has been the pillar in this project.  

Goals and Objectives
We are all different, and this is something that we, Information Nation, have used to make our texts special and to give the readers different perspectives on events. We show people that there are different things happening in our world and that there is something for every person on our digital newspaper. Our name, Information Nation, is very fitting for our purpose, which is to inform you about what is going on in the world right now.

In accordance with Skolverket and the central goals for English 5, our teachers have tried to apply the four skills of writing, listening, speaking and reading in this project. We have been using our writing skills when writing the different articles, but we have also used our writing skills when adapting our texts based on who the target group is. We have been adapting our language and vocabulary based on the topic of the text, and the target group. We have been using our reading skills when doing research for our different articles and later on after writing the articles used the skill to proofread them. We have been using our listening skills and speaking skills when we communicate with each other, for instance when we discussed different thoughts and ideas that we had for the articles and the web magazine. All skills have also been very important when doing our podcasts.

Copyright and Sources
We value authenticity and strive to learn and apply the correct way of referring back to sources we have used in our articles and posts. All the photos and captions have been checked and approved either via Creative Commons or by the person who authored the photo. We have tried to take our own photos when possible. Since there are several standardized systems of referencing we have agreed to be flexible and you may see different systems in place such as the usage of endnotes, hyperlinks and list of references in the end of the article. We are aware of the fact that certain homepages may change during the course of time, therefore, it is vital to add the date we accessed the page. We also know that some pages may be biased or angled to serve a personal perspective (pinterest and instagram for instance), however, all references need to be evaluated in conjunction with the purpose of the article published. Working with this project has given us the opportunity to evaluate the origin, purpose, value and limitation of sources available. Please note that all podcasts have been recorded by us and edited and produced by students. We have used an external page that will redirect the listener to Soundcloud.

Why we should win
Everyone wants to win, no one wants to lose, right? All contestants have been putting loads of time and effort so why do we deserve to win more than anyone else? We have written about what we find interesting and entertaining as well as challenging. The array of articles about various topics such as feeling good on the outside as well as the inside, cultural experiences, how to learn about study skills, why we cannot miss the World Cup this year, getting advice from the Petty Panel, listening to podcasts, and learning about our universe on macro and micro level simply show the diversity of the group. This is why our digital newspaper has something for everybody to read. We would not have been able to create a web magazine this good without everyone contributing with their interests and their knowledge. We should win because we have done something amazing together. Along the way we have had fun, we have made new friends and we are proud of what we have created as a group.

We believe that stories matter, many stories matter, and Information Nation is the story told by PreIB and SP1 at IHGR.