One dog lover to another

Dear You Rant, We are deeply concerned about our dog. Please help.

Ramsay, Jenny. Photograph of a missing dog poster. Uploaded on by user @electrapng, 1 Dec, 2017, 

Mr We solve… Please. You’re our only hope. 

Sincerely.. *scribbles*

Hello *scribbles*!

What happened to the dog? Is it gone? Is it lost? Is it on drugs?

If you remember where you lost the dog in the first place (irresponsible by the way) You can return to that spot and put one of your jackets or shirts down on the ground. As long as it smells like you, the dog will most likely return to that item of clothing. If he is doing drugs I would recommend a good rehab facility. Personally, I recommend Aleforsstiftelsen Behandlingshem och öppenvård.

I refuse to believe that the dog is wanted for doing something illegal. It is simply too adorable. You have shown that you are incredibly irresponsible. Who just loses a dog like that? Because of your irresponsibility, the dog is now mine.


Desperate (for dogs) Debbie


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