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How season 3 ended:

The last episode of season 3 was about how in a different universe the government was having a new election. Rick is usually the leader in this specific universe, but in this election, a Morty won and in the end, they show how Morty because of the power he gained turns evil.

Plot twists – theories for Rick and Morty: in season one the authors made episodes with the intention to create a secret for the audience to discover. In an interview about the show, the author stated that they would make a secret “ Should we decide that there is a secret we keep from the audience forever?” But we always know it.”


This has caused many people to come up with different theories on what this secret may be. One of these secrets that mostly appealed to the audience and the writers of the show was that Rick is actually drinking super seeds which makes him smarter. This theory comes from the first episode called “Pilot”. This is where Morty has to smuggle up super seeds up his rectum in order to get them back to their universe. Rick tells Morty the reason he needs these seeds is that they are important for him but at the end of the season we see that these seeds give Rick a temporary intelligence boost properties. Another speculation is that both Rick and Morty’s voice actor is Justin Roiland which could mean that Rick is just an older version of Morty whose sole purpose is to protect Morty and make sure that he does not die. The last speculation that this article is going to mention is the theory that Morty is a clone of Rick. This theory states that  Ricky created a younger version of himself. The origins of this theory come from that Rick and Morty have similar speech patterns and because Rick cares greatly for Morty which totally out of character for him since he is portrayed as a selfish individual

The process of making season 4 will or usually takes about 6 months to animate. This gives us a pretty clear view of when it will be released, which is probably late 2018 or early 2019. In season 3 they promised that there would be 14 episodes, this did not happen and many fans criticized the creators for their mistake. Now that they are working on season 4 they also promised 14 episodes, since they made such a huge mistake last season they will probably not do the same thing this season.


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Picture source; http://rickandmorty.wikia.com/wiki/Season_3, 2017

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  1. Why didn’t you write about the other seasons as well? We only got to read about the ending of season 3, truly disappointing. However it is well written and you described season three very well even including the conspiracies. I enjoyed reading this!


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