Taking Esports to another level

Ahmad Malaekah & Leo Kverh

Overwatch logo.

At the 2016 blizzcon event the Overwatch team announced that they were working on a massive esports league called the Overwatch League. This would be different to other esports as it would create a similar league to traditional sports such as Football. The idea was that every team in the league would represent a city which would tie fans to support their city.

If we fast forward one year later, the Overwatch League already had 12 teams. The league broke records on streaming platforms such as twitch, MLG and etc.

With all this instant popularity the league is only looking to improve. This is truly a global league, with players from places like Korea, Brazil, America etc.

When we look at the 12 teams there is one team represented in Seoul, one from Shanghai, one from London and the nine rest are from cities in America.

The Korean teams are looking like the dominant force, as they have dominated the pro scene in the games history. There are a total of 3 korean teams, the Seoul Dynasty, New York Excelsior, London Spitfire and these are the teams looking to take home the trophy. However team such as the LA Valiant, Dallas fuel are also top tier teams that have impressed lately and are also serious title contenders. Meaning that matches will be very close.

Some say that Blizzard are trying to make Esports more like traditional sports, Since the minimum wage for a player is 50,000 $ per year, and some players are even earning up to 200,000 $.

Previously the dominant pro scene in overwatch was the Korean tournament apex. A lot of good players and rosters in the Overwatch league have come from apex teams, the worlds best team Lunatic Hai was bought by owner of Seoul Dynasty.

The league kicked off on the 10th of january 2018 and has had had major success already. Meaning that it’s safe to say that the league is not looking to slow down.



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