The Russian doping scandal & world cup

Erik Guldbrand

Why was Russia given the possibility to host the world cup after the doping scandals covering several sports, events, years, athletes and now the conflict in eastern Europe showing no signs of stopping?

Back in 2014 the winter Olympics were held in Sochi, a small working class city in southern Russia. When it was decided back in 2007 that the winter olympics would be held in Sochi,

The Kremlin started building arenas, housing units, a new railway system and a much tougher security, all at a grand prize of 51 billion USD (412 billion SEK). Very few countries have such an amount of money laying around, this is a statement from the Kremlin showing the economical growth that has been made since the fall of the USSR. It’s the most expensive olympics ever held. About 50% of the cost was paid by the federal budget and the rest were made up by private investors and companies.

With recent news claiming that the WC is planned to cost 18 billion USD, the Kremlin now needs to pay this heavy bill, without counting the risk from terror organizations promising to attack the WC. Few countries would dare to take upon this responsibility, counting only the cost diteriates a lot of interest. That’s the reason to why minor economical nations won’t be able to host it.

Most people still support the decision to have the WC in Russia, mostly because they believed that politics should stay outside of sports. But some people believe it should still be taken into consideration, problems as well as the treatment of the LGBT community.

People have under several occasions asked the President of FIFA (Sepp Blatter) not to allow Russia the opportunity to host it but he has denied this request.

Some believe that allowing them to host the world cup will be seen as a reward when they instead should be under heavier sanctions.

In the end most football fans are not worried about the political situation in Europe. For many football and sports is an event where people can come together and unite and thats what its all about.

UEFA, IAAF, WADA and Kremlin.

Doping and Sochi:

Cost of WC:



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