We’ve all done it…made a quick judgement about someone, because of what they’re wearing. You might think “He looks like someone I’d be friends with”, or it could be “She doesn’t look like the CEO of a company”, based on what they have on that day. A lot of the times, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

This tells us that the clothes we wear say a lot about us. We might not think about it when we get dressed every morning (who has time?!), but our outfit choices are one of our best forms of self-expression. The way we dress has a huge effect on what people think about us, so carefully pick out what to wear , that could change the way people see or treat you.

So, what does your clothes say about you? The answer might surprise you!

If you wear pretty much the same thing every day, it could send out signals you feel uninspired. To show people this isn’t the case , try adding something unique to your look – this could be as simple as wearing a quirky pair of socks, or creating some flair with a bright accessory. These small touches show you enjoy putting effort into the little things, which can say a lot about you.

Different colors are known to give off different signals, and can instantly convey a certain mood or state of mind. For instance, wearing red says you are confident and don’t mind standing out in a crowd, while purple has long been associated with spiritual intuition and artistic inclination, and green is a calming color associated with rejuvenation. Picking your colors carefully can send a message to the rest of the world about your own outlook, as well as having a positive impact on other people’s.

Is black your go-to color? Do you dress like it’s deep, dark winter even in the middle of July? Wearing a lot of black can give off an impression of sophistication and strength, but it can also imply you’re quite serious. If that’s the look you’re going for, then you’ve nailed it! If you do want to be seen as playful and creative, or show more of your personality, add in an accessory that’s individual to you, like an oversized piece of jewellery or a hat. Remember that even if black is your signature look, fashion is all about having fun!

If your closet is filled with logos, you could (really, really like designers brands, or…) be a bit too concerned with what other people think about you. Wearing lots of logos can say that you are showing the world a carefully constructed image of yourself, but you could also be hiding behind what you wear. Finding pieces that reflect your personality, designer or not, means you can show off your identity, and your outfit can become an expressive extension of yourself!

So, what does this tell us about our outfit choices? A lot more than you may have originally thought! Think about what you want to say about yourself with the clothes you wear; choose right and you can instantly show the world who you are!


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