What is happening to Real Madrid?

Ahmad Malaekah & Leo Kverh

Real Madrid is the first team to ever win two champions leagues trophies back to back. However this season they are looking worse than ever.

The reason why, is unclear since they have only strengthened their old team and very few players have actually left. Even though their whole 2016/17 roster is playing regularly, they are currently ranked in the 4th place, 20 points away from the other league leaders like Barcelona with one game less played.

One of the biggest problems seems to be their front line and finishing. The striker Benzema has had a very bad season so far and has missed many easy chances. The trio at the top is not working with Bale being injured for the majority of the past seasons. It becomes a huge job for one of the worlds best players Cristiano Ronaldo and he hasn’t been able to do enough. In fact this has been Ronaldo’s “WORST SEASON” by far only netting 4 goals in the league. It is becoming so bad that there are a lot of rumours about Ronaldo leaving. Zidane, as many other Real Madrid managers are starting to decline after a few seasons. This seems to be an ongoing cycle and the answer to why, is hard to know. There are a lot that say that the president of Real, Florentino Perez is the issue because of the way he takes too much control and decision making that he should let the managers do. Perez has always been a controversial topic and many fans have always wanted him out but the profits he brings to the club are huge so therefore he has stayed for so long.

There has always been an intense rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Due to them competing in the same league and having close statistics. Some however say that this might be the year where Messi takes the title of the best player in history if Ronaldo does not step up his performances, due to him not having many years left.

Real Madrid’s only hope is now the champions and the spanish cup as it looks like the first place in the league is most likely lost.


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